Cost analysis of corn cultivation in the setup of the crop-livestock-forest integration system to recover degraded pastures.

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Autoria: REGO, C. A. R. de M.; REIS, V. R. R.; WANDER, A. E.; CANTANHÊDE, I. S. de L.; COSTA, J. B.; MUNIZ, L. C.; COSTA, B. P.; LÓPEZ de HERRERA, J.

Resumo: The objective of this study is to estimate the production costs and profitability of corn cultivation in the setup phase of the crop-livestock-forest integration system for pasture recovery in the municipality of Pindaré-Mirim/MA, Brazil. The study was developed at the Technological Reference Unit (TRU) for the Integration of Crop-Livestock-Forest (ICLF) of Embrapa Cocais, located in the municipality of Pindaré-Mirim/MA, Brazil. Data collection occurred during the agricultural year 2015/2016. The management of the ICLF system was carried out following the molds of the 'Santa Fé' technique. The cost of production was used to calculate the Total Operational Cost (TOC) and were extrapolated per hectare. For the economic analysis of corn production, three different prices were considered: (a) the price received by the producer; (b) the historical average of the last 30 months to the date of actual sale of the product; and (c) the minimum guarantee price of the federal government. The TOC was found to be US$ 1,672.72 per hectare. The economic efficiency indicators showed promising profit values, demonstrating that in this study with corn production in the 1st year, it would be possible to pay for the implementation of the ICLF system as an alternative for the recovery of degraded pasture.

Ano de publicação: 2017

Tipo de publicação: Artigo de periódico


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