Lack of impact of dietary inclusion of dried Artemisia annua leaves for cattle on infestation by Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus ticks.

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Autoria: SILVA, I. C.; GIGLIOTI, R.; MAGALHÃES, P. M.; SOUSA, I. M. O.; FOGLIO, M. A.; OLIVEIRA, M. C. de S.; CHAGAS, A. C. de S.

Resumo: The present study evaluated whether a natural dietary additive, dried Artemisia annua leaves, may be useful to control Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus on naturally infested cattle. Twenty heifers of the Canchim breed, weighing around 250?kg, were divided into two equally sized experimental groups: 1) control animals and 2) animals receiving 200?g/day of dried A. annua leaves for two months. Before treatment began, the animals were homogeneously distributed in control and treatment groups based on their pre-treatment weight and tick infestation level. Counts of engorged female ticks then occurred weekly during the two-month experimental period. We also monitored cattle weight gain and packed cell volume (PCV). Artemisinin (0.96%) was quantified in the plant material by high-performance liquid chromatography with refractive index detector (HPLC-IR). No statistical differences between the control and treatment groups were observed for engorged female counts (log averages of 1.3 ticks and 1.4 ticks per animal, respectively), daily cattle weight gain (0.910?kg and 0.888?kg, respectively) or PCV (33.5% and 33.0%, respectively). We conclude that the oral supplementation of cattle feed with dried A. annuna leaves did not control natural infestation of R. (B.) microplus. The hypothesis of artemisinin’s action on cattle ticks by ingestion through the animals’ blood was not confirmed at the evaluated dose.

Ano de publicação: 2018

Tipo de publicação: Artigo de periódico


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