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Estatuto da Embrapa - Decreto 7766/2012Embrapa's Statute is the norm of performance of the Company. With 39 articles, the document was approved after Decree 7.766/2012 by the President of the Republic and covers topics such as its name and legal personality, capital and social goals, financial resources, administration and general organization, personnel resources and fiscal year.

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Code of Ethics

As Embrapa is a public company, it shall obey the constitutional principles of lawfulness, impersonality, morality, publicity and efficiency, as well as other principles that guide the Federal Public Administration.

Ethics is one of the organizational values that has always been present in Embrapa's Master Plans, and it is advocated in all its practices.

Embrapa considers Ethics the "promotion of customs and acts deemed to be the best and fairest, with no distinction or discrimination of any nature.

For that purpose, Embrapa instituted a Code of Ethics that establishes principles and ethical values and allows for to a uniform understanding regarding standards of conduct that strengthen the corporation and its commitments to society.

Embrapa's Ethics Commission (CEE), among other attributions, supervises the application of Embrapa's Code of Ethics and the High Federal Administration's Code of Conduct and guides employees regarding their applications.

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Registration data

Legal Entity: Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária
Commercial Name: Embrapa
CNPJ: 00.348.003/0001-10
State Registration: 07.316.897/001-00

Embrapa's Date of Incorporation: Dec 7, 1972 - Law  5851
Board of Trade Registration no. 3826
Board of Trade Registration Date: Mar 28, 1973
Share Capital: R$ 62,000,000.00
Issued Share Capital: R$ 62,000,000.00
Origin: Publicly owned company governed by private law
Branches: All over the country
Code of Activity on Federal Revenue: 72.10-0-00
Business Activity: Agricultural Research

Number of Employees: 9,859 (June 30, 2014)
Main products: Agricultural Research
Main Services: Technology