Responsibility and respect

Embrapa knows that personal data can be valuable. That is why we created this page to show how we protect the data you give us and how you can access, change or even remove them from our databases if you wish.

Your rights

The General Personal Data Protection Law (Law 13709/2018) was created to bring more transparency for the use of individuals' personal data in any medium, and it established rules related to gathering, storing and sharing personal data. According to the law, every citizen has the right to:

  • access their own personal data stored by institutions;
  • request corrections on such data;
  • delete data on databases;
  • revoke consent for the use of these data.

When we collect your data

  • On visits to the company, when you identify yourself;
  • When you contact our service channels;
  • When you attend courses, training events and make partnerships;
  • When you register for events organised by us or by partner;
  • When you use our services or acquire our products;
  • When you install our apps.

How we use your data

Citizens' personal data will be used only for legitimate and lawful purposes related to Embrapa's administrative and research activities, in observance of current legislation and good market practices.

How we take care of your data

  • Our processes are constantly adjusted to only use the necessary information.
  • We repudiate and we do not authorise data treatment for discriminatory, unlawful or abusive purposes.
  • In our entire organisation, we promote a culture of confidentiality, privacy and data protection through awareness and training programs.
  • We have plans of response to incidents and continuity of business, which are constantly updated.
  • We have adopted internal processes and policies that ensure compliance with rules and good practices related to personal data protection.

How to exercise your rights

At any moment, you can request the alteration or exclusion of your data through the platform "Fala.BR", option “solicitação” or request (click here to access) 

If you have any questions or suggestions for Embrapa, contact Embrapa's Ombuds Services