This section presents information about Embrapa's Citizens Information Service (CIS) and respective working hours, location, and contact details.


Information requests

SIC - Faça aqui o seu pedido







Access to e-SIC

Citizens Information Service Electronic System


If you prefer to submit your request for information on paper, you can download one of the forms below and forward them to the address therein or hand it in to Embrapa's CIS in person.






Embrapa HQs
Parque Estação Biológica (PqEB) , s/nº
Citizens Information Service - CIS (Serviço de Informação ao Cidadão - SIC), room T15, ground floor
Brasília, DF - Brazil - Postcode 70770-901

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday, 8h - 17h.


CIS staff members at Embrapa

Support staff

  • Fátima Aparecida Figueiredo de Almeida
  • Rosângela de Fátima Tomaz

Telephone numbers: +55 61 3448-4199 / 3448-1960 / 3448-1961


The above channels are specific for guidance and clarification on, for instance, doubts about the formalization of a request of access to information, and doubts about the process followed by an information request. They shall not be used to submit information requests based on the Law of Access to Information. The requests shall be made either in person, at Embrapa's CIS, through a printed form, or electronically, via the CIS Electronic System (e-SIC).


Responsible authority

Under the terms of article 40 of Law 12,527/2011, the following is the authority responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Law of Access to Information at Embrapa.

Zenilton de Jesus Gayoso Miranda

Telephone: +55 61 3448-4493