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Biological Nitrogen Fixation (FBN) is a natural process that occurs through associations of plants with microorganisms. Its main product, nitrogen, is an essential nutrient for plant growth and de


Agricultural practice: Agricultural practice     Launch year: 1990     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Agrobiology

Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) consists in using some bacteria's ability to seize nitrogen existing in the atmosphere (in the form of the gas nitrogen, N2) and supply it so that it can be used by

Product: Inoculant     Launch year: 1981     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Cerrados

BRS Mandobi is a forage peanut cultivar (Arachis pintoi) propagated by seeds. It is excellent for intercropping with grasses, has high vigor and high-quality forage productivity. It is we


Product: Cultivar     Launch year: 2019     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Acre

The InNat Guide is a free app designed for mobile devices with touch screens, such as tablets and smartphones. It uses the Android operating system (OS) and works offline, with images and informat


Product: Software     Launch year: 2018     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Agrobiology

Embrapa Agrobiology has researched biological nitrogen fixation in leguminous and non-leguminous plants for over 25 years. Several diazotroph (i.e. nitrogen fixing bacteria) species were selected,


Product: Inoculant     Launch year: 2009     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Agrobiology

The diazotrophic bacterium Nitrospirillum amazonense influences the growth and development of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum), leading to increased productivity in crops. Devel


Product: Inoculant     Launch year: 2018     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Agrobiology

The Brazilian Caatinga is an endangered biome. Its native vegetation is explored as a source of wood and energy in rural properties and industries, generating soil erosion and desertification. The


Agricultural practice: Agricultural practice     Launch year: 2010     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Agrobiology

The degradation of the environment occurs worldwide and, in many cases, it is of great impact, reducing or eliminating the soil's fertile layer, organic matter content and subsoil exposu


Product: Inoculant     Launch year: 1992     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Agrobiology

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O conteúdo do curso envolve todas as tecnologias desenvolvidas com base no projeto em rede MP1 “Bases Científicas e Tecnológicas para o Desenvolvimento da Agropecuária Orgânica no Brasil” e desenv


Service: Training, capacity building     Launch year: 2011     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Cerrados

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Programa televisivo veiculado por emissoras parceiras de abrangência nacional e regional, em canal aberto, por assinatura e parabólica.

Esta solução tecnológica foi desenvolvida pela Embrapa e ...

Product: Multimedia     Launch year: 1998     Responsible Unit: Embrapa Technological Information