Missão, Visão e Valores


Provide research, development, and innovation solutions for the sustainability of agriculture and for the benefit of Brazilian society.


Be a world reference in the generation and supply of information, knowledge, and technologies, and thus contribute to innovation and sustainability in agriculture and to food security.


The values ​​that guide Embrapa and members' practices and conduct - irrespective of scenario -, and that represent the essential and enduring tenets of the company are:

  • 1

    We work with engagement and responsibility to fulfill our activities.

  • 2

    We value team work, with collaboration and transdisciplinarity

  • 3

    We welcome and value differences in the pursuit of our goals.

  • 4

    We work for the greater good, with integrity and respect to others.

  • 5

    We are committed to our work and make efforts to deliver the best results with the highest quality.

  • 6

    Social-environmental responsibility
    We seek solutions that can return investments to society with due commitment to the environment.