Sustainable Logistic Management Plan of Embrapa - PLS

Embrapa's Sustainable Logistic Management Plan (PLS) presents guidelines, objectives, goals, inventories, monitoring and evaluation indicators, as well as the people responsible (sectors and people) that will enable efforts to promote the sustainability of internal management processes, guiding their continuous improvement with the adoption of sustainable practices and rationalization.

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Embrapa & School
The research center participates in the Embrapa & School program with the project "Scientist for a day", which brings elementary and high school students to visit the research center, where they discover how biofuels are produced. The students attend lectures and visit an exhibition. Currently, the theme is biodiesel, and the students have the opportunity to see the biofuel being produced and understand the chemical reaction that takes place in the process.
Embrapa Agroenergy's participation in the Embrapa & School program has the following goals:
  • Publicize Embrapa Agroenergy's work and its importance for the country.
  • Disseminate the importance of agroenergy products, especially biofuels, for sustainability.
  • Raise awareness about the need for environmental preservation, especially the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Highlight Brazil's leadership in the use and technological development of clean energy from biomass.
  • Raise interest in Science and Technology, showing how contents from disciplines such as Biology and Chemistry are present in the production of biofuels.
  • Place research and agricultural production as noble and extremely relevant activities for Brazil.
  • Emphasize the importance of science and technological development for humanity.
  • Approximate and strengthen the ties that unite urban and rural environments.
Embrapa Agroenergy also produces content for the site "Talking about Science on the Web", aimed at children and young people.
Schools interested in participating in "Scientist for a day" can contact the research center's Communication Department, by phone (61) 3448-1581 or by e-mail