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Video Institucional Embrapa Agroenergia 2020
Duration: 3:35"   ¦   1395 Views
Conheça a infraestrutura da Embrapa Agroenergia
Duration: 3:43"   ¦   584 Views
Prospecção de parcerias na Embrapa Agroenergia
Duration: 3:01"   ¦   769 Views
Ativos Tecnológicos da Embrapa Agroenergia desenvolvidos em parceria com o setor produtivo
Duration: 5:46"   ¦   696 Views
Caminhos do Biodiesel Embrapa Agroenergia
Duration: 3:38"   ¦   15019 Views

Science Connection

Science Connection is a program produced by Embrapa and EBC (Brazilian Communication Company) Services, shown on TV NBR every Tuesday, 7:30 pm. Each week, it presents experts from different areas of knowledge, discussing and informing, in an objective, didactic and up-to-date way, about science, its advances, challenges and impact on the life of each one of us. Check below some programs related to Embrapa Agroenergy's area of expertise. Sign up now!

» The content of the programs is not translated into English.

Field Day on TV

Field Day on TV has been produced weekly by Embrapa since 1998, with the aim of disseminating technologies resulting from research developed by Embrapa and partners. The themes are presented in clear and accessible language to several audiences, through interviews and reports on practices and technological innovations aimed at the development of rural and urban areas. Field Day on TV is broadcast every Friday by Canal Rural; on Sundays by NBR and by TV Câmara, with reruns during the week, in addition to broadcasts on other partner channels. More information is available on the site: Thus, the Field Day on TV program is another effort to disseminate information to the general public. Have a great and healthy entertainment!

» The content of the shows is not translated into English.


Check out Embrapa Agroenergy's series of lives promoted to disseminate relevant themes in the bioeconomy scenario. Here you will find the ceremonies celebrating the Unit's 15th and 14th anniversary, the Agroenergia Invites debates, a content-rich chat with distinguished guests, and other broadcasts about the future of biofuels and bioproducts in Brazil. Don't miss it!

» The content of the lives is not translated into English.


The Research and Innovation Meeting (EnPI) was established by Embrapa Agroenergy in 2014, with the main motivation of bringing to public scientific work developed in the Unit by undergraduate students, master's, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. At each edition, the event has been expanded. Since 2015 it has included the Symposium Agroenergy in Focus, with the objective of establishing a forum for discussions on relevant topics in the areas of Agroenergy and Biomass Chemistry and Technology. EnPI brings information to society and enriches the scientific discussions of our teams, contributing to the development of technological innovations. Check below the lectures of the Symposium transmitted in the VI Edition!

» The content of the videos is not translated into English.

Investiture Ceremony and Public Hearings

Investiture ceremony of researcher Alexandre Alonso Alves as head of Embrapa Agroenergy, held on June 30, 2021, and Public Hearings of the candidates for the position of head of the unit, held on April 23 of the same year. Check out the presentations below.

» The content of the videos is not translated into English.

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