At this component, analyses and studies approved by the Executive Board are forwarded to the Secretariat of Institutional Management (Secretaria de Gestão Institucional - SGI) with the aim of turning strategic information into effective decision making in the corporation. This process counts on support from the Agropensa Management Committe (Comitê Gestor do Agropensa - CGA) and the Embrapa Web of Knowledge. The results produced by the studies will be used to guide relevant RD&I, Communications and Technology Transfer actions that are relevant for Brazilian Agriculture. Each analysis and/or study will bring a "Recommendations" section, which will present possible actions to seize opportunities and minimize weaknesses. Such content will be used as the basis for the elaboration of "Support to public policies", "Agendas" and "Plans", within the "Strategies" component, supplying elements to support decision-making at the corporation. Thus analysis and study results are transformed into corporate plans, actions and agendas. In addition, as a result from the studies, this component can also point to trends that can signal pathways for the elaboration of public policies or contribute to rural development.


"Strategies" Component