Web of Knowledge

Agropensa, in its larger goal of producing and disseminating knowledge, has the support of Embrapa's internal and external partners in the whole process of prospecting the agriculture of the future. Embrapa's Web of Knowledge, which comprises Embrapa employees and national and international partners, operates by collecting information, conducting analyses and studies, or proposing strategies.

By operating as a network, the Agropensa System is in tune with what happens in Brazil and in the world with regard to contributions for the elaboration of a future agenda for agriculture. Agropensa's strength lies in collaboration. At Embrapa, different data, information and expertise are generated by its research and service centers, administrative units, Virtual Laboratories Abroad (Labex), and technical cooperation projects abroad, as well as by its technical body of researchers, who can all contribute to this initiative.

Embrapa's structure, which is part of the Web of Knowledge in Agriculture, is constituted as follows:

Agropensa atua em parceria com Centros de Inteligência

The Agropensa System will mostly but not exclusively run in a virtual environment, enabling strong synergy and interactivity among members.


Agropensa operates in partnership with Intelligence Centers

One of Agropensa's goals is to operate as a network, using data and information collected and systematized by Intelligence Centers within Embrapa, in other institutions, or even from different countries.

In Brazil, there are Intelligence Centers on some of the main agricultural products, such as maize and soybean crops.

One of the main Intelligence Centers in Brazilian agribusiness was created through a partnership between Embrapa Maize and Sorghum, located in Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais, and the Minas Gerais state Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply. It is the Maize Intelligence Center, CiMilho (Centro de Inteligência do Milho).

CiMilho's goal is to provide technical support, collect information, and analyse trends relating to maize crops that can facilitate the development of actions and the elaboration of public and private policy related to agribusiness.

Their flagship product is an updated database on the Maize Supply Chain. The database supports the elaboration of crop development programmes aimed at enhancing competitiveness in the sector, the elaboration of sectoral policy, and farmers' decision-making. Learm more about CiMilho.

Soybean Intelligence Center

Since its inception in 2006, the Soybean Intelligence Center is an information gateway that offers statistical data, and market and harvest prices and studies. It is a partnership between the Minas Gerais State Government and the Federal University of Viçosa. The Soybean Intelligence Center has also partnered with EPAMIG- the Minas Gerais state Agricultural Research Corporation.


Market Intelligence Centers