What is Agropensa?


Agropensa is Embrapa's Strategic Intelligence System, that (i) captures and prospects trends in order to identify possible futures ; and, (ii) maps and supports the organization, integration and dissemination of agricultural information and databases. The main goal of such two major fronts is the elaboration of futures studies, which contain and disseminate knowledge and information to support the formulation of Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) strategies for the company and for partner institutions. Thus, the intention is to enable Brazilian agriculture to be better prepared to face potential challenges and opportunities. The System is coordinated by Embrapa's Secretariat of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs (SIRE).

In the scope of Embrapa's strategic management process, such generation of knowledge and information to support the formulation of Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) strategies informs the enhancement, adjustments and new directions of Embrapa's RD&I portfolio, which is managed via Portfolios.

To conduct such activities, the Agropensa System fosters the liaison among Embrapa's internal and external stakeholders, the Web of Knowledge, encouraging organizational and institutional partnerships in order to potencialize the generation of knowledge and innovative solutions for the Brazilian agriculture of the future.


The Agropensa System is structured in three specific components. Click on the flow of each component to learn more about their concepts.




Considering the growing concern with the multidisciplinary role that agriculture will play in the future and its dependence on knowledge, technology and innovation, Embrapa has organized its prospective studies in major subject areas named macrothemes within Embrapa's Strategic Intelligence System (Agropensa), guided by a value chain perspective (see figure).

The macrothemes thus represent a nesting of portfolios and arrays. Although the macrothemes provide a general sense of direction, in each of these macrothemes the focus is ultimately dictated by the directions given by pre-established or future portfolios and arrays.

 The portfolios and arrangements have a given macrotheme as their main locus, but their nature is transversal, with important activities in the other macrothemes. The macrothemes thus give focus to the collection, organization and dissemination of information, and expedite the qualification and subsequent dissemination of information that is relevant to Embrapa's RD&I strategy. The idea is that this structure fosters - and strengthens - an environment to broaden synergies with our colleagues at Embrapa's Web of Knowledge: Embrapa's central units, decentralized units and Labex; and other external partners from the public and private initiatives.