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International operations

Embrapa is an institution with a global spirit, which throughout its history has built a strong international cooperation network. We are currently present in all continents, partnering with some of the most prominent institutions and research networks in the world. Coordinated by the Secretariat of International Affairs, Embrapa's activities abroad also contribute to the Brazilian Government's technical cooperation program, which aims at transferring and adapting Brazilian technologies to the tropical realities of different countries.


Scientific Cooperation

Knowledge exchange and progress in scientific and technological research with various institutions in the world for the benefit of Brazilian agriculture.

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Technical cooperation

Promotion of multi and bilateral cooperation, helping to reduce poverty and hunger in countries in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean.

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Food production project will reach five countries in Africa

A comprehensive technology transfer project in the area of integrated food production will be implemented from this year on, by Embrapa Mid-North, in five African countries,...

Projects involving peppers and bell peppers are implemented in African countries

Researchers from Embrapa Vegetables closely follow the performance and potential of materials tested in Uganda and in Togo.

Embrapa holds training for Mexican technicians in rice farming

Embrapa Rice and Beans is going to coordinate the visit of a group of 12 technicians from Mexico's National Forest and Agricultural Research Institute (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones...

Partnerships strengthen potato breeding program

Embrapa, Les Buissons Research Center (Canada) and the Brazilian Potato Association's shared activities promote advances in the program.

Brazil to start lima bean breeding program in 2017

The Federal University of Piauí will head the action, which relies on technical cooperation with Embrapa and other research and education institutions from Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.
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