Brazil's insertion in the global market as one of the most competitive players in the production of staple foods, fuels, and fibers presents it with the challenge of remaining competitive in the area while exploring the possibility of increasing participation in the international market with technologies for tropical agriculture

Embrapa's technologies have also found their place in other countries. Embrapa already does business abroad, including with direct sales of products and seeds and the licensing of seed production. Moreover, since it is a Brazilian public company in line with governmental policy, Embrapa also supports Brazilian companies that operate abroad, in specific cases based on government agreements.

Our international business goals include:

  • Licensing third-party assets and rights for use in Brazil;
  • Licensing assets and rights abroad;
  • Trade of technologies;
  • Technological support to expand the internationalization of Brazilian companies that have partnered with Embrapa;
  • Provision of specialized technical support.


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