30/04/18 |   Food security, nutrition and health

Seminar showcases book on food and nutrition security in the Americas

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The Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), in partnership with Embrapa, the Minas Gerais State Foundation for Research Support (Fapemig) and the InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (Ianas) will promote on May 4 at Embrapa's headquarters in Brasília, DF, a seminar to present the book "Challenges and Opportunities for Food and Nutrition Security in the Americas: The View from the Academies of Sciences".

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The publication was elaborated by Ianas, in collaboration with the North, Central and South American Academies of Science, mobilizing over 230 researchers. The book offers a synthesis of the state of the art of knowledge in agriculture, livestock and forests in the continent. It also suggests some lives of research to equate challenges towards social and environmental sustainability.

Each of the participating Academies of Sciences nominated coordinators to elaborate chapters about their countries. On the Brazilian side, ABC assigned the scholars Evaldo Vilela (UFV/Fapemig) and Elibio Rech (Embrapa) to perform such role. They counted on the support of Embrapa's Director of Innovation and Technology, Cleber Soares, and of researchers Geraldo Martha (Embrapa-Labex USA) and Marília Nutti (Embrapa Food Agroindustry), who worked in the definition of contents and identification of other authors for the chapter on Brazil.

The project was developed and funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education, the German National Academy of Sciences-Leopoldina and the nter Academy Partnership (IAP). The goal is to offer valuable analyses about the topic that can inform public management in national and regional policy.

Following such publication, IAP is going to produce a global report about Food and Nutrition Security. The initiativa aims at providing an accurate, holistic, science-based outlook on Food and Nutrition Security whose goal is to protect humankind.

"Challenges and Opportunities for Food and Nutrition Security in the Americas: The View from the Academies of Sciences" is freely available for download in English and Spanish.


14h30: Opening
• Maurício Lopes (President - Embrapa)
• Elibio Rech (Director - Brazilian Academy of Sciences)
• Evaldo Vilela (President - Fapemig)
• Mário Neto Borges (President - CNPq)
• Maria Zaira Turchi (President - CONFAP)
• Jeremy McNeil  (Co-Chair - IANAS)

15h: Pre-launch of First Video of the #CiênciaGeraDesenvolvimento (Science generates Development) Series: Johanna Döbereiner
• Elibio Rech (ABC/Embrapa)

15h10: Presentation about the book
• Jeremy McNeil (IANAS)

15h20: Presentation about the Brazilian Chapter by Coordinators
• Evaldo Vilela (ABC/Fapemig/UFV)
• Elibio Rech (ABC/Embrapa)

15h50: Considerations by Coauthors
• Cleber Soares (Embrapa- Executive Director of Innovation and Technology)
• Geraldo Martha (Embrapa-Labex USA)
• Marília Nutti (Embrapa Food Agroindustry)

16h20: Presentation about the Chapter on Agrarian Sciences within ABC initiatives: "A Project of Science for Brazil" and “Biomes and Agriculture: Research challenges and opportunities”
• Evaldo Vilela (ABC/Fapemig/UFV)

16h30: Questions and Discussions

16h50: Closing

Event information

Presentation about the book “Challenges and Opportunities for Food and Nutrition Security in the Americas”
Date: May 4,2018
Time: 14h30 - 17h
Registration: Click here (limited spaces)
Venue: Embrapa headquarters – Parque Estação Biológica - PqEB s/nº., bl. D, Biomas Auditorium, Brasília-DF, Brazil

Text: Brazilian Academy of Science (ABC)
Translation: Mariana Medeiros


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