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Authorship: COSTA, C. F. G.; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; OLIVEIRA, F.

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2014

Authorship: FERRAZ, K. M. P. M. de B.; FERRAZ, S. F. de B.; MOREIRA, J. R.; COUTO, H. T. Z.; VERDADE, L. M.

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2007

Authorship: MENIN, M.; SANTOS, R. S.; BORGES, R. E.; PIATTI, L.

Anurans are predators of a great diversity of invertebrates, but studies on agroecosystems are very scarce. Herein we described the diet composition of seven species of terrestrial anurans captured in... ...

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2015

Authorship: TURETTA, A. P. D.; TONUCCI, R.; MATTOS, L. M. de; AMARO, G.; BALIEIRO, F. de C.; PRADO, R. B.; SOUZA, H. A. de; OLIVEIRA, A. P. de

Abstract: The objective of this work was to present an approach to evaluate soil functions in agroecosystems and their impact on environmental services (ES). An approach with case studies was proposed... ...

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2016

Authorship: BULLER, L. S.; BERGIER, I.; RECH, R.

In this work, we show that the transition to more sustainable rural production can mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by agroecosystems without compromising revenues, particularly in the Cerrado... ...

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2016

Authorship: GOMES, J. B. V.; FERNANDES, M. F.; BARRETO, A. C.; ARAUJO FILHO, J. C. de; CURI, N.

This study evaluated the changes occurred in a set of soil attributes, particularly those related to the dynamics of soil organic carbon (SOC), as a function of the replacement of native forest for ag... ...

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2012

Authorship: FERREIRA, E. A. B.; BUSTAMANTE, M. M. da C.; RESCK, D. V. S.; FIGUEIREDO, C. C. de; PINTO, A. de S.; MALAQUIAS, J. V.

ABSTRACT: Changes in carbon stocks in different compartments of soil organic matter of a clayey Latossolo Vermelho Distrófico (Typic Haplustox), caused by the substitution of native savanna vegetation... ...

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2016


Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 1994

Authorship: FEIDEN, A.; SILVA, A. M. da; MOL, D. J. de S.; FEIDEN, A.

O sistema apresentado é uma adaptação do sistema demonstrado pela Emater Paraná na Vitrine Tecnológica de Agroecologia do Show Rural Coopavel 2014, entre os dias 03 e 07 de fevereiro de 2014. O sistem... ...

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2016

Authorship: FEIDEN, A.; BORSATO, A. V.

Em geral a primeira pergunta que os técnicos e agricultores convencionais fazem em relação aos sistemas de produção agroecológicos é ?que produto vocês usam para controlar as pragas e doenças??. O pro... ...

Repository: BDPA     Publication year: 2016


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