Panicum maximum - BRS Zuri

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Photo: RAMOS, Allan Kardec Braga

The BRS Zuri is a cespitose grass, which should be preferentially managed under rotational grazing. It is recommended that the grass is managed to be at the pre-grazing height of 70-75 cm and post-grazing height of 30-35 cm. Such management controlled the development of culms and blooming well in the Amazon region, ensuring the maintenance of the pasture structure and good levels of animal production. It offers moderate tolerance to soil flooding - similar to Tanzânia-1; however, it grows better in well drained soils, and is an option for pasture diversification in the Cerrado and Amazon biomes. Its main characteristics are high production, high nutritional value, resistance to spittlebugs, and high level of resistance to leaf spot caused by the fungus Bipolaris maydis.

This technological solution was developed by Embrapa in partnership with other institutions.

Product: Cultivar Launch year: 2014

Biome: Amazon Rainforest, Cerrado

Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Beef Cattle

Participating Units: Embrapa Beef Cattle, Embrapa Dairy Cattle, Embrapa Southern Livestock, Embrapa Cerrados, Embrapa Acre, Embrapa Rondônia, Embrapa Western Agriculture

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(61) 3274-0784
Rua das Paineiras, Lote 06, Torre B, Sala 706 Ed. One Mall - Águas Claras, Brasília-DF

Keywords: Forrageira

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