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IrrigaWeb is an online training in Irrigation Use and Management.

The basic technical content is distributed in 3 large modules with 11 Technical Units.

There are 580 screens of


Service: Training, capacity building     Launch year: 2018

LIBS is NASA's technique for ground analysis of Mars embedded in the Rover Curiosity (robotic jeep). Embrapa Instrumentação and Agrorobótica developed a robot using the LIBS technique to scale the


Product: Machinery, implement, equipment     Launch year: 2018

Query and decision-making support tool, based on the elaboration of cultivation scenarios for the following tropical grasses, cultivated in Brazil: Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu, Panicum maximu


Service: Web service     Launch year: 2014

The Agricultural Technological Information Service (Infoteca-e) collects and provides access to information on technologies produced by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). T


Service: Web service     Launch year: 2011

The “Agriculture and Environmental Preservation: a first analysis of the Brazilian Rural Environmental Registry ( Cadastro Ambiental Rural, CAR)” website organizes and centralizes the informa ...

Product: Mapping, zoning     Launch year: 2017

Agritempo is a climate monitoring and weather forecasting system that produces and allows online access to bulletins and maps with information on agricultural droughts, accumulated prec


Service: Web service     Launch year: 2002

The tool provides, with mobile and friendly interface, real-time information, collected by an Automatic weather station (AWS) installed in 2009, in the Meteorological Station of Embrapa Temperate


Service: Web service     Launch year: 2017

On-demand service that uses data from the Brazilian National System for the Rural Environmental Registry (Sistema Nacional de Cadastro Ambiental Rural, SICAR), maintained by the Brazilian


Product: Software     Launch year: 2017

Primary, secondary and tertiary packaging for mangoes, strawberries, persimmons and papayas were developed after studies with representatives of the production chain. For the development of the primar

Process: To obtain additive, coloring, packaging, wrapping, edible film     Launch year: 2011

The baculovirus-based product is specific to control velvetbean caterpillars (Anticarsia gemmatalis) It can be mixed in a tank with water for land (by tractor) or aerial spraying. It offers the ad


Product: Biological control agent     Launch year: 1983