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Digital soil mapping (DSM) is a set of techniques to facilitate the collection, storage, analysis, interpretation and elaboration of soil maps. In DSM, existing soil information and data are combi


Methodology: Methodology     Launch year: 2010     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Soils

Embrapa Environment has actinobacteria isolates that can perform important roles in agriculture, as they are potentially active: i) in the biological control of plant pathogens; and II) in promoti


Product: Inoculant     Launch year: 2021     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Environment

Embrapa Tropical Agroindustry developed two formulas to manufacture hamburgers whose main ingredient is cashew fiber – an abundant co-product in juice factories that is usually discarded. One of t


Process: To obtain processed food (agroindustry)     Launch year: 2013     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Tropical Agroindustry

The Embrapa 051 free-range laying hens are hybrid chickens, resulting from crossing the breeds Rhode Island Red with white Plymouth Rock, and selected by Embrapa Swine and Poultry. Such hens speci


Product: Animal breed, animal, semen, embryo (inc. GMO)     Launch year: 2001     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Swine & Poultry

E-PlanFor is a software that assists in rural property planning, with simulations on food and water demands for herds, deployment and maintenance costs of areas for food production and feed formulatio

Product: Software     Launch year: 2017     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Semi-arid Region

Fast-K is a rapid test to determine the concentration of potassium (K) in soybean leaves under field conditions in an efficient and reliable way, speeding up decision making if potassium deficienc


Methodology: Methodology     Launch year: 2019     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Soybean

Application that calculates the recommended fertilizer dose for yerba mate. Ferti-Matte works from soil analysis data and crop information. After processing the data, the app issues a report, whic


Product: Software     Launch year: 2019     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Forestry

Android App aimed at determining fertilization protocols for coconut crops in Northeastern Brazil based on soil/leaf analysis.

Product: Software     Launch year: 2022     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Coastal Tablelands

It consists of a small, easy-to-maintain, waterproofed pond with rocks, sand and aquatic plants that treats wastewater from sinks, showers and tanks, as it is rich in soaps, detergents, food scrap


Product: Machinery, implement, equipment     Launch year: 2013     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Instrumentation

BRS Mandobi is a forage peanut cultivar (Arachis pintoi) propagated by seeds. It is excellent for intercropping with grasses, has high vigor and high-quality forage productivity. It is we


Product: Cultivar     Launch year: 2019     Unidade Responsável: Embrapa Acre