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Decentralized Unit Embrapa Cocais

Research unit focused on the development of technologies on low-impact integrated systems and for native palm tree production chains. With regard to technology transfer, it promotes activities that target the improvement of regional agricultural production systems.

São Luís, Maranhão Avenida Sao Luis Rei de Franca n 4 Quadra n 11 Jardim Eldorado Phone number: +55 (98) 3878-2203 CEP: 65065-470  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Satellite Monitoring

Basic themes research unit, focusing on geospatial research and innovations for agriculture. It is an important center for research and technological development in the country, considering that major advances in agriculture occur with the use of geoinformation and geotechnology.

Campinas, São Paulo Avenida Soldado Passarinho n 303 Phone number: +55 (19) 3211-6200 CEP: 13070-115  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Soils

Basic theme research unit that is an international reference in tropical soils. It coordinates and performs actions to predict environmental risks due to the inappropriate use of soil and water resources and promote measures to prevent them in the entire territory.

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro Rua Jardim Botanico n 1024 Phone number: +55 (21) 2179-4500 CEP: 22460-000  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Agricultural Informatics

Basic theme research unit, which develops projects in information technology applied to agribusiness, and works in the areas of software engineering, scientific computing, communication technology, bioinformatics, and agroclimatology.

Campinas, São Paulo Avenida Andre Tosello, 209 - Campus da Unicamp Phone number: +55 (19) 3211-5700 CEP: 13083-886 Caixa Postal: 6041  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Instrumentation

Basic theme research unit, created with the purpose of integrating knowledge areas such as Physics and Engineering with agriculture, which is engaged in the development of instrumentation technologies for agribusiness such as machinery, equipment, sensors, and process automation.

São Carlos, São Paulo Embrapa Instrumentação Rua XV de Novembro, nº 1.452 Phone number: +55 (16) 2107-2800 CEP: 13560-970 Caixa Postal: 741  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Southeast Livestock

Ecoregional research unit that develops research on dairy and beef cattle production, sheep farming, and forage crops. It also works with animal and plant breeding, environmental aspects of husbandry, and intensive production systems, aiming at the sustainable use of the biomes of the Brazilian Southeast.

São Carlos, São Paulo Rodovia Washington Luiz, Km 234 , Fazenda Canchim Phone number: +55 (16) 3411-5600 CEP: 13560-970 Caixa Postal: 339  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Western Agriculture

Ecoregional research unit which has been a protagonist in the generation of technologies that have consolidated agriculture in Mato Grosso do Sul. Some of its main research focuses on integrated production systems, climate risk zoning, and health and nutrition of aquatic organisms.

Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul Rodovia BR 163 Km 253 6 sn Phone number: +55 (67) 3416-9700 CEP: 79804-970 Caixa Postal: 449  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Mid-North

Ecoregional research unit, which endeavors to promote agribusiness development through the supply of technologies that streamline the production and productivity of the Mid-North region, more precisely in Piauí and Maranhão.

Teresina, Piauí Avenida Duque de Caxias n 5650 Phone number: +55 (86) 3198-0500 CEP: 64008-780 Caixa Postal: 001  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Roraima

Ecoregional research unit, whose research broadly relates to agribusiness production demands, family farming, and indigenous agriculture, in line with Roraima state's new needs for environmental sustainability.

Boa Vista, Roraima Rodovia BR 174 Km 8 sn Phone number: +55 (95) 4009-7100 CEP: 69301-970 Caixa Postal: 133  Visit the Unit's webpage
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Rondônia

Ecoregional research unit that works towards generating knowledge and technologies for the Amazon region, with emphasis on Rondônia, and that focuses efforts on four main themes: coffee, plant production, forestry, and animal production.

Porto Velho, Rondônia Rodovia BR 364 Km 5, 5 Phone number: +55 (69) 3219-5004 CEP: 76815-800 Caixa Postal: 127  Visit the Unit's webpage