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Decentralized Unit Embrapa Roraima

Ecoregional research unit, whose research broadly relates to agribusiness production demands, family farming, and indigenous agriculture, in line with Roraima state's new needs for environmental sustainability.

Boa Vista, Roraima Rodovia BR 174 Km 8 sn Phone number: +55 (95) 4009-7100 CEP: 69301-970 Caixa Postal: 133  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Rondônia

Ecoregional research unit that works towards generating knowledge and technologies for the Amazon region, with emphasis on Rondônia, and that focuses efforts on four main themes: coffee, plant production, forestry, and animal production.

Porto Velho, Rondônia Rodovia BR 364 Km 5, 5 Phone number: +55 (69) 3219-5004 CEP: 76815-800 Caixa Postal: 127  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Amapá

Ecoregional research unit located in Northern Amazonia, which generates technologies in 5 areas: Aquaculture and Fishery, Conservation and Use of Biodiversity Resources, Plant Protection, Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems, and Forest Resources; with emphasis on the state of Amapá and in the Amazon estuary.

Bailique, Amapá Rodovia Juscelino Kubitscheck Km 5 n 2600 Phone number: +55 (96) 3203-0200 CEP: 68906-970 Caixa Postal: 10  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Acre

Ecoregional research unit with the challenge of solving problems that are inherent to food crops in the extreme West of Brazil. It conducts research in the areas of forestry and sustainable livestock production, integrated systems and degraded areas, fruit crops and agroindustrial native plants.

Rio Branco, Acre Rodovia BR 364 Km 14 Rio Branco Porto Velho Phone number: +55 (68) 3212-3200 CEP: 69900-970 Caixa Postal: 321  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Western Amazon

Ecoregional research unit that develops studies on aquaculture, food and agroindustrial crops, cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs, olericulture, forestry and forest management, agroforestry, Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forestry Systems, and fruit crops.

Manaus, Amazonas Rodovia AM 010 Km 29 Estrada Manau Itacoatiara sn Phone number: +55 (92) 3303-7800 CEP: 69010-970 Caixa Postal: 319  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Agrobiology

Basic theme research unit which is a reference for studies focused on knowledge advances in the are of Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF), and a pioneer in the development of research on organic agriculture and recovery of degraded areas.

Seropédica, Rio de Janeiro Rodovia BR 465 Km 7antiga Rodovia Rio Sao Paulo sn Phone number: +55 (21) 3441-1500 CEP: 23897-970 Caixa Postal: 74505  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Pantanal

Ecoregional research unit, which focuses on the sustainability of agribusiness involving Pantanal, considered the most preserved biome of Brazil. It conducts research related to livestock, the environment, aquaculture, fishing, and family farming.

Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul Rua 21 de Setembro nr 1880 Phone number: +55 (67) 3234-5800 CEP: 79320-900 Caixa Postal: 109  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Eastern Amazon

Ecoregional research unit that reflects the grandeur and diversity of the Amazon region. It keeps a herbarium with over 185,500 samples of plants and an entomological collection of 32,000 specimens ranging from beetles to tiny ants.

Belém, Pará Trav. Dr. Enéas Pinheiro, s/n Phone number: +55 (91) 3204-1000 CEP: 66095-903 Caixa Postal: 48  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Semiarid Agriculture

Ecoregional research unit responsible for generating technologies that make the driest area of Brazil become full of production possibilities. Its research innovatively builds alternatives for smallholdings and irrigated agribusinesses.

Petrolina, Pernambuco Rodovia BR 428 KM 152 Phone number: +55 (87) 3866-3600 CEP: 56302-970 Caixa Postal: 23  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Cerrados

Ecoregional research unit aimed at generating knowledge to ensure environmental sustainability in the Cerrado, and technologies that are suited to different production systems, validated, and disseminated to smallholders, and mid- and large-sized farming.

Brasília, Distrito Federal Rodovia BR 020 Km18 Phone number: +55 (61) 3388-9898 CEP: 73310-970 Caixa Postal: 08223  Visite a página da Unidade