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Decentralized Unit Embrapa Soybean

Product research unit that focuses on research efforts with tropical soybeans, and hence produces technologies that seek the rational use of resources or incorporate genetic resistance to new diseases, for instance. It also develops scenario studies to mitigate climate impacts, among other activities.

Londrina, Paraná Rodovia Carlos João Strass Acesso Orlando Amaral SN Phone number: +0 (43) 3371-6000 CEP: 86001-970 Caixa Postal: 231  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Maize & Sorghum

Product research unit, which is a reference in the development of maize, sorghum and millet cultivars. It has modern laboratories in the areas of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture, Entomology, Plant Pathology, and others.

Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais Rodovia MG 424 Km 45 Phone number: +55 (31) 3027-1100 CEP: 35701-970 Caixa Postal: 151  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Cassava & Fruits

Product research unit, which conducts research on cassava, citrus, banana, pineapple, mango, papaya, passion fruit, Barbados cherry, umbucaja, and others. It also responds to international cooperation demands, with emphasis on partnerships with African countries.

Cruz das Almas, Bahia Rua Embrapa SN Phone number: +55 (75) 3312-8048 CEP: 44380-000 Caixa Postal: 007  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Dairy Cattle

Research unit created to devise solutions for the sustainable development of the dairy agribusiness, with emphasis on the production segment. It has modern facilities that enable the use of the most sophisticated techniques in research.

Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais Rua Eugenio do Nascimento n 610 Phone number: +55 (32) 3311-7405 CEP: 36038-330  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Beef Cattle

Product research unit that invests in research in the areas of herd health and nutrition, breeding, reproduction and animal management. Ongoing projects and subprojects aim at increasing production, quality, profitability and efficiency of the beef cattle production systems.

Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul Avenida Rádio Maia 830 Phone number: +55 (67) 3368-2000 CEP: 79106-550  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Goats & Sheep

Product research unit that works with the goats and sheep production sector promoting, for instance, an increase in milk, meat, and meat product quality; improvements in the organization of production systems for a regular supply of products; and capacities for insertion into new markets

Sobral, Ceará Estrada Sobral Groairas Km 4 sn Phone number: +55 (88) 3112-7400 CEP: 62010-970 Caixa Postal: 71  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Rice & Beans

Product research unit, which develops various prominent technologies, including the Rice Primavera and the Bean Pérola cultivars, considered references in the Cerrado and in other regions of the country

Santo Antônio de Goiás, Goiás Rodovia GO-462 Km 12 Phone number: +55 (62) 3533-2110 CEP: 75375-000 Caixa Postal: 179  Visite a página da Unidade
Decentralized Unit Embrapa Cotton

Product research unit that operates throughout the country to generate technologies, products, and services on cotton, castor oil plant, peanuts, sesame, sisal, and Barbados nut.

Campina Grande, Paraíba Rua Osvaldo Cruz 1143 Phone number: +55 (83) 3182-4300 CEP: 58428-095  Visite a página da Unidade