Embrapa's Administrative Council (Consad) was formed in 1997. It is a higher administration body responsible for organizing, controlling, and evaluating the Corporation's activities, which consists of eight members. Its attributions include the establishment of action policies for the institution, and the approval of master plans and annual and multi-annual work programmes; bylaws; the institutional model; and the organizational, policy, and staff structure, including the salary scale and other benefits.

Embrapa employees started to have an elected representative in Consad after Law 12,353 of December 28, 2010, which provides for employee participation in the boards of Brazilian public companies and joint stock companies.

Consad's composition, competence, and statute are described in Decree 7,766, of June 25, 2012, which approves Embrapa's statute. It gathers bimonthly and whenever required. Once a year, there is a meeting without the presence of Embrapa's president to approve the Internal Audit Annual Plan of Activities and the Internal Audit Annual Activity Report.




  • Luís Carlos Guedes Pinto
    Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply
    . Nomination proposed by civil or governmental entities related to research, education, and technical-scientific development; professional associations; and agribusiness or agroindustrial entities.

Natural Member: 

Appointed Members: 

  • Tatiana Lipovetskaia Palermo
    Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply. Nomination proposed by organizations that gather farmers, businesses, or workers in the agricultural or agroindustrial sectors.
  • Francisco Erismá Oliveira Albuquerque
    Ministry of Finance
  • Maria Lúcia de Oliveira Falcón
    Ministry of Agrarian Development
  • Ministry of Planning, Budget, and Management
  • A representative from Embrapa's employees.