1. Formulate and propose strategies and issue rules on budget, financial, accounting, tax, and fiscal procedures, execute and control partnership agreements, loan contracts, and financing contracts, and control Embrapa's costs;
  2. Elaborate Embrapa's annual budget and supplementary credits  proposal, based on Embrapa's Master Plan, for the corporation's pluriannual program and research program;
  3. Promote and coordinate liaison and coordination between Embrapa and the central bodies of the Federal Budget and Finance System;
  4. Advise Embrapa's units with regard to the procedures for programming and balancing their respective budgets;
  5. Control and assess the execution of Embrapa's budget and suggest the necessary adjustments;
  6. Guide and coordinate the elaboration of balance sheets by Embrapa's different units and of the Corporation as a whole;  
  7. Elaborate Embrapa's General Balance Report and prepare respective sections and explanatory notes;
  8. Guide, coordinate, monitor and control how Embrapa's units fulfill the fiscal obligations established by federal, state and city tax legislation;
  9. Elaborate and publish managerial reports on Embrapa's budget and finances.

  1. Supervise and guide activities that constitute the corporation's fiscal and tax obligations.

  1. Supervise, guide and assess accounting activities.

  1. Supervise and evaluate the procedures related to Embrapa's budget and financial execution.

  1. Supervise and assess the financial implementation of agreements.

  1. Supervise and evaluate the implementation of budget, financial and accounting processes of Embrapa's central units.