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Embrapa & Schools is a program that integrates Embrapa and educational institutions, bringing scientists, students and teachers closer to encourage interest in scientific knowledge among the young.

These are activities that demonstrate how science is present in our everyday lives and underscore the contribution from agricultural research to national development.

Aimed at children and youths enrolled at primary and secondary school, the program creates an atmosphere for learning and awareness of the interfaces of science and technology with the agricultural sector and the environment.

In addition, it strengthens the ties between the urban and rural environments, as it guides participants on the need for environmental conservation, the importance of sustainability and practices that ensure better quality of living. 

Nested Portlets

Lectures in schools

The program's team promotes activities within schools, per invitation of educational institutions or as proposed by Embrapa's research centers.

Scheduled visits 

Students can visit labs, experimental fields and other facilities by appointment with the Embrapa research center.