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Traditional communities contribute to the global environment

Article on Nature shows that indigenous and traditional community practices with pollinator management bring multiple ecological, economic and quality-of-life benefits for the world.

Scientists develop DNA analysis to help pink ipê conservation

Technique allows the study of the species' biological evolution and helps to protect its diversity

Planthopper capable of transmitting serious coconut palm disease discovered in Sergipe

New species is a likely vector of Lethal Yellowing, a disease present in neighboring countries.

Plant extracts are efficient to control caterpillars

Research has shown insecticidal action against the species Anticarsia gemmatalis. There are ongoing tests with Helicoverpa armigera.

Technology makes Brazilian mango exports to South Africa possible

A method that replaces the application of chemicals has become essential to sell fresh fruit abroad.

Brazil and Paraguay become partners to extract high quality macaw palm oil

The processes have already been successful on a lab scale and can increase the volume produced by 50%.

Microorganism used in goat milk cheese presents anti-inflammatory properties

Bacteria is being used in 100% Brazilian product with high nutritional value, functional properties and regional identity

Study maps peanut production areas in Brazil to prevent peanut smut

Problem has not been detected in Brazil yet, but it already causes damages in Argentina

Research shows trees' interference in crops in ICLF systems

Soybeans are more tolerant to the shade than maize. Tree management and the use of single lines can reduce impact on crops.

Researchers identify sorghum genes that potencialize tolerance to aluminum

Discovery can help the development of plants that are more resistant to acid soils and to droughts.

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