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Pink ipê first Cerrado tree to have genome sequenced

Work by researchers from Embrapa and the Federal University of Goiás could help the fight against illegal logging

Researchers identify gene that can increase efficiency in ethanol production

Scientists discover gene that will enhance ethanol production.

NASA confirms Embrapa's data on planted area in Brazil

Data from NASA, to be presented by minister Blairo Maggi, in Berlin, show that Brazil uses only 7.6% of its territory with crops.

Researcher identifies over 400 substances secreted by pirarucu heads

Hypothesis that secretions are for mating purposes and to benefit fish spawn.

Megaproject with 20 institutions will map Brazilian soils

Lack of data causes around US$5-bi losses a year due to erosion alone. Nine universities and eleven specializes institutions join the enterprise.

British center and Embrapa join efforts to leverage sustainable research

Labex Europe supports the scientific cooperation, which should bring contributions to tropical and temperate crops Scientists from the renowned, over 170 year-old  ...

Scientists extract nanometric fiber from cellulose for new materials

Biodegradable and from renewable sources, nanofibers can generate new materials or grant new properties to existing ones.

Cattle breeding allows for production of less allergenic milk

Study aims to recommend matings that generate A2 milk producing animals and thus increase farmers' income.

Scientists use NASA technique to detect mercury in leachate

Featured in international journal, research used technology that equiped the Rover Curiosity to analyse the soil on Mars

Wasted melon is alternative to apples in beverage industry

Research develops melon base juice that can increase gains in national fruit farming.

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Because sex ratio in the broodstock can influence the reproductive behaviour of a species, the influence of sex ratio on the reproductive success of p...

Guabiroba fruit has been highlighted for its high phytochemical content, particularly of phenolic compounds. The stability, bioavailability, and bioac...

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Embrapa is a Brazilian public agricultural research corporation. It works to have solutions for sustainable development grow from the fields. And, for that purpose, it makes science to transform life. A science that creates, surprises, preserves, and multiplies life.