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Researchers identify plants that can extract nickel from the soil

Heavy-metal resistant plants have potential to remove residue left by mining and other activities

Science uses big data to reduce climate risks in grain production in Brazil

The study crossed data from 50 cities in the main agricultural regions of the country, resulting in a cultivation calendar to tackle water stresses

Study warns about the importance of aquatic biodiversity conservation in the Brazilian Amazon

Scientists from Brazil, Australia, United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom recommend strategies that could double the protection of freshwater species

Research with garlic passion fruit shows promising results in controlling tremors

Trials with rats show the potential of the fruit in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease

Research develops protocol to produce beef by neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon Neutral Brazilian Beef Seal identifies beef produced with good environmental and social practices

Nanotechnological biostimulant improves vegetable development

Product made nutrients available and increased photosynthesis rates in pepper, tomato and hydroponic lettuce crops

Detergent-based films inactivate in minutes virus similar to that of Covid-19

Of low cost and easy to prepare, the formulas will be tested by Fiocruz against the Sars-CoV-2 virus

Genes found in Kenyan maize can be associated with aluminum tolerance

If confirmed, they can form new gene combination with the aim of protection new cultivars from the effects of the metal

Ceramic nanopaper is basis for removal of water contaminants

Technology also has potential to be used to detect food quality

Scientists use teabags to assess soil quality

Method is used in several countries to determine organic matter decomposition rates

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Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) regularly requires quick deployment of control practices due to its potential of causing yield loss of processing tomato...

Sorghum breeding programs are based predominantly on developing homozygous lines to produce single cross hybrids, frequently with relatively narrow ge...

Genomic selection (GS) emphasizes the simultaneous prediction of the genetic effects of thousands of scattered markers over the genome. Several statis...

Identifying the impact of agricultural management on soil invertebrates is still a challenge to research in the area of soil ecology. The aim of this...

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