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Amazon products turn into candy, juice and snacks

Researchers developed functional beverage with açaí and acerola berries as well as cupuassu

Nanotechnology product gradually releases water and nutrients into the crop

New hydrogel can be used in large and small croplands and provide savings

Laboratory-processed cashew fiber prevents obesity in animals

In mice submitted to a hypercaloric diet, the product prevented weight gain and gains in belly, blood and liver fat

First case of new cassava disease confirmed in Brazil

Fungus that causes cassava leaf blight was identified by scientists in Acre

No-till cotton increases soil carbon stocks in 20%

Practice also improves nitrogen content and yield, nine-year research shows

Product with Brazilian technology can reverse dependence on foreign phosphorus fertilizers

First national inoculant is capable of generating a 10% increase in maize productivity and reduce phosphorus fertilization

Biological control in Brazil has potential to grow 20% a year

Domestic sales of this kind of product have grown 77% between 2017 and 2018 and account for R$ 460 million a year

Research develops plant-based products from cashew fiber

Croquettes, nuggets, koftas, burgers and even "crab cakes" are elaborated without animal protein

Researchers create "dictionary" for cattle genes

Brazilian study published by Nature improves relationship between genome and meat traits, paving the way for “custom-made steak”

Intercontinental consortium to research aquaculture by the Atlantic

With an € 8 million budget, Aquavitae gathers industry and research institutions from 16 countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas

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The slow rate of multiplication is one of the main constraints on the production of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). This work aimed to evaluate th...

The biosynthesis of phenolic compounds might be influenced by environmental factors, such as solar radiation, temperature and relative air humidity, a...

In Brazil, there is already a recommendation for the production of cassava seed-cuttings for the production of seedlings originated from micropropagat...

Cassava improvement using traditional breeding strategies is slow due to the species? long breeding cycle. However, the use of genomic selection can l...

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