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Research and development for Brazilian agriculture

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International Cooperation

International partnership in agricultural

Land-saving technologies

The adoption of a considerable number of technologies on various fronts of the production process has allowed the production of high volumes, with hig...

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Embrapa offers solutions for sustainable agriculture at COP26

In the meeting of world leaderships to discuss the future of the planet, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), which is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, Brazil's...

Embrapa presents experiences for sustainable animal production at COP26

Brazilian research findings and public policy for sustainable animal production were presented by the Embrapa on an online panel promoted by the International Fund for Agricultural...

Functional bacteria ensure tomato growth under salt stress conditions

In addition, they halved the effects of Fusarium wilt, one of the world's worst diseases for the crop

Mini ecological station allows integrated production of fish and ornamental plants

Aquacultural Garden has low cost and adds income to fish farming with arum lilies

International partnership develops warning system for wheat blast risk

Bangladesh and Brazil are the first countries to count on platform to help farmers

The baru tree is an excellent alternative for use in integrated crop-livestock-forestry systems

In addition to wood, the species produces seeds that have been increasing in value in the national and international markets

ICLF systems reduce soil, water and nutrient loss

The results were obtained when trees were still small, a year after the seedlings were set.

Project develops new products with white coconut pulp

Researchers have created sweets and beverages with the fruit's solid albumen, which is often discarded

Essential oil from spiked pepper has the potential to treat fish diseases

Product obtained over 76% effectiveness in the control of pirarucu parasites.

Internet of Things monitors productivity and animal welfare in ICLF systems

Embrapa-Huawei-CPQD partnership uses Artificial Intelligence and multiple sensors in the field

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Continued unsustainable exploitation of natural resources promotes environmental degradation and threatens the preservation of dry forests around the...

In micropropagation, potassium nitrate (KNO3), an ACS reagent grade chemical, used in the preparation of growing mediums is expensive and its procurem...

Adequate potassium (K) fertilization is essential for agricultural production in soils of the Brazilian Savanna (Cerrado biome) due to the high demand...

Among the sap-sucking insects that infest sugarcane [Saccharum spp. (Poaceae)] around the world, scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) stand out with...

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Embrapa is a Brazilian public agricultural research corporation. It works to have solutions that ensure sustainable development grow from the fields. And, for that purpose, it makes science that transforms. A science that creates, surprises, preserves, and multiplies.