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Embrapa develops protocol to extract DNA from archaeological peanut samples

A protocol to extract DNA from samples of peanut shells (Arachis hypogaea, L.) and the hulls of other Arachis species is one of the results of the activities developed by Fábio de Oliveira Freitas,...

Team analyzes antibacterial compounds in sea bacteria

Team analyzes sea bacteria that have shown antibacterial activity.

Special glasses identify greening symptoms in citrus leaves

Technology allows the detection of plant color changes caused by the disease with more precision

Research creates biosensor to detect copper in coffee trees

Peptide-based technology will enable the development of portable systems

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The objectives of this study were to: 1) evaluate the relationship of the angle formed between the left and right sides of the rump with body conditio

BRS Pampeira is a rice cultivar developed by Embrapa, recommended for irrigated cultivation in Brazil. It shows modern architecture, with high tilleri

BRS AG is an irrigated rice cultivar developed by Embrapa, recommended for cultivation in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is intended for grain alc

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Embrapa is a Brazilian public agricultural research corporation. It works to have solutions that ensure sustainable development grow from the fields. And, for that purpose, it makes science that transforms. A science that creates, surprises, preserves, and multiplies.