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Researchers identify sorghum genes that potencialize tolerance to aluminum

Discovery can help the development of plants that are more resistant to acid soils and to droughts.

New version of the history of maize based on genetic and archaeological evidence

Paper published on Science reports unprecedented international efforts that involved British, American and Brazilian scientists.

Infrared identifies the quality of the São Francisco Valley mangoes fast and with precision

NIRS technology indicates the right time to harvest the fruit and reveals its sweetness without destroying it.

Research stimulates citrus plants to adapt to drought

Scientists use epigenetics to develop plant resistance to water scarcity

Filter made with bacteria purifies biogas for vehicles

Brazilian technology removes sulfane and generates fertilizer sulphur by processing pig manure

Artificial intelligence system analyses coffee quality in minutes

CoffeeClass uses computer vision to evaluate the coffee beverage without the need of preparing it, only by “looking” at ground coffee

European bee glue inhibits fungus that attacks maize, citrus and tomatoes

Discovery paves the way for the development of cheap natural defensives.

Researchers create magnetic nanopigments addressed to different markets

Technology developed by public-private partnership has applications in biology, medicine, agriculture, veterinary, cosmetology, among others.

Bacteria from Antarctica produce anticancer substances

Microorganisms that live in the roots of a plant that is endemic to the South Pole have properties against human and plant diseases.

Brazilian scientists create genetic circuits that allow to "turn genes on and off"

Embrapa makes a technology patent deposit that acts as a genetic switch to turn traits of interest on and off

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Using double-strand RNA (dsRNA) high-throughput sequencing, we identified five RNA viruses in a bean golden mosaic virus (BGMV)-resistant common bean...

The bureaucracy that regulates land tenure, agriculture and community-based forest management (CBFM) in the Brazilian Amazon aims at achieving an impa...

Drought stress is a serious obstacle for crop production, especially in arid and semi-arid areas of the world. Sorghum is a useful crop to grow in are...

The Borborema Plateau is characterized by different stages of relief evolution, which modify the climate and vegetation, and where high-altitude tropi...

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