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Tamarind juice shows effect against triglycerides

Study observed a 24% drop in the triglyceride levels of diabetes patients

Research aims to develop cotton picker for family farming

With the aim of making mechanized cotton harvest in small areas possible both in Brazil and in other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Embrapa Cotton , in partnership...

Another sorghum mosaic virus is identified in Brazil

Scientists have found the microorganism JGMV in Minas Gerais and already selected a resistant lineage

Combination of microorganisms can increase bean productivity in up to 11%

Coinoculaton with two microorganisms replaces nitrogen fertilization and is more efficient

Labex: Embrapa’s international program completes 20 years

An influenza A vaccine is one of the results of studies developed as part of Embrapa’s scientific cooperation program Embrapa’s Virtual Laboratory Abroad  Program...

Brazil develops first genomic assessment system for dairy cattle

The service should improve milk production and bring a revolution to the breeding and genetic improvement of such animals

Technology uses laser and artificial intelligence for large scale clean soil analysis

Innovation analyses 1,500 soil samples per day without generating chemical waste

Scientists use oil palm waste to cultivate edible mushrooms

Shimeji pode ficar mais acessível cultivado em substrato feito de restos da industrialização do dendê

Research develops solvent that facilitates reuse of plant waste

Method has proved to be more efficient and economic than conventional ones and can help the production of bioproducts

Research uses cellulose nanofiber to produce controlled-release fertilizers

Cientistas pretendem criar produto a partir de fontes renováveis e procuram parceiros para chegar ao mercado

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Monogeneans are ectoparasites that may cause losses in production and productivity in the aquaculture of Colossoma macropomum. Chemotherapeutics used...

This study compared the structure and composition of the parasite communities in Callichthys callichthys and Megalechis thoracata of a tributary of th...

This study investigated the diversity of metazoan parasites in Colossoma macropomum from the Jari River, in the eastern Amazon, northern Brazil. We co...

Foi apurado um Lucro Social de R$ 34,88 bilhões em 2016, dados os impactos econômicos de 117 tecnologias e cerca de 200 cultivares incluídas no Balanç...

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Embrapa is a Brazilian public agricultural research corporation. It works to have solutions that ensure sustainable development grow from the fields. And, for that purpose, it makes science that transforms. A science that creates, surprises, preserves, and multiplies.