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Research identifies natural extracts against nematodes

Scientists also developed sustainable material for the controled release of agrochemicals

Machine makes fresh bean processing five times faster

Able to thresh 25kg of cowpeas in an hour, the equipment is aimed at smallholders.

Brazil-Europe consortium funds IoT research for smart irrigation

1.5 mi-euro project will develop advanced technologies and methods for irrigation systems.

PAB journal creates section on Digital Agriculture

This month, the Brazilian Journal of Agricultural Research ( Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira -  PAB ) has launched a section on Digital Agriculture in new issues and...

Researchers develop microorganisms to harness energy and products from biomass

Technique uses microorganisms as biofactories to extract sugars from plant leaves, stems and bagasse.

Brazilians identify gene that makes grape seedlessness possible

Estudy published in OUP periodical will help the development of cultivars

Researchers create method to calculate impacts of land use change in Brazil

Tool used to estimate CO2 emissions is specific to the country's characteristics.

Embrapa will test 3D bioprinting in agricultural research

Equipamentos possibilitam reproduzir em laboratório cópias tridimensionais de tecidos de plantas e animais

Legumes eliminate need to apply nitrogen in eucalyptus forests

Ideal for smallholders, intercropping also provides productivity and ecological benefits

Research studies soil respiration in Amazon ecosystems

Brazilians and Germans seek new agricultural models for environmental recovery

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The aim of this study was to identify parents and promising hybrid combinations for the improvement of forage watermelon. Five parents were evaluated:

In flood plains, cover crops are able to alter soil properties and significantly affect rice nutrition and yield. The aims of this study were to deter

Due to the current scarcity of water, which may be aggravated by climate changes, it is important to develop cultivars tolerant to water stress. For t

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