Embrapa is a company with a global spirit, which has built a solid international cooperation network in the course of its history . It is currently present in all the populated continents and has partnerships with some of the world's top institutions and research networks. Under the coordination of the Secretariat of Intelligence and Strategic Relations (Sire), the corporation's activities abroad also contribute in scientific and technical aspects to the Brazilian Government's international agenda.

Scientific Cooperation Scientific Cooperation

  • Scientific cooperation

    Knowledge exchanges and advances in scientific and technological research with several institutions in the world, to the benefit of Brazilian agriculture.
  • Technical Cooperation

    Promotion of multilateral and bilateral cooperation, contributing to reduce poverty and hunger in African, Caribbean and Latin American countries.

News News

Embaixador da Nigéria conhece sistemas sustentáveis de produção em fazenda da Embrapa em São Carlos (SP)

Embrapa integra delegação brasileira em conferência sobre fitossanidade em Londres

Missão da FAO conhece tecnologias da Embrapa para a produção de algodão na agricultura familiar

FAO visita Campina Grande para conhecer experiências na cadeia do algodão na agricultura familiar