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Brazil, Australia and South Africa unify genomic data on bovine tick resistance

Information can achieve unprecedented precision for selecting parasite-resistant beef cattle

With lower acidity, new palm oil adds value to Bahian cuisine

Developed by a partnership between Ceplac and Embrapa, the product has a milder flavor and nutraceutical properties

Research develops kofta and nuggets without ingredients from animal sources

Cashew fiber and Amazonian items can simulate meat flavor, texture and appearance

Queen-of-the-night bacteria becomes bioproduct to promote drought tolerance in plants

Resulting from over a decade of research, Auras reaches the market to meet the needs of corn crops

System automatically counts plants in croplands by using drone images

Farming 4.0 tool also counts plantation rows and enhances precision agriculture

Brazilian microalgae can treat effluents from African palm oil processing

The strain that had been isolated in the Cerrado biome clears inorganic waste in less time and also generates commercially valuable biomass

Measurement of cows’ consumption allows the identification of estrus up to six hours in advance

Research paves the way so that sensors in troughs and drinking fountains select females that are ready for reproduction

New seaweed-based bioinput improves plant growth and defense

Experiments show that product caused 10% increase in soybean and corn growth and rooting

African oil palm in agroforestry systems is efficient and generates environmental services

In addition to recording higher yield per plant, AFS stored more carbon and recorded higher oil content per bunch

First Brazilian soybean developed for consumption as edamame, a popular food in the East

Cultivar opens opportunities in the gastronomic market for the legume

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Amazonian rainforests, once thought to be pristine wilderness, are increasingly known to have been widely inhabited, modified, and managed prior to Eu...

To reduce peach tree losses due the Peach Tree Short Life (PTSL), the main research line in Brazil is to select tolerant rootstock and perpetuate it b...

This book represents a synthesis of Embrapa's strategic position - as an agricultural research and innovation institution - facing the challenge of in...

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Embrapa is a Brazilian public agricultural research corporation. It works to have solutions that ensure sustainable development grow from the fields. And, for that purpose, it makes science that transforms. A science that creates, surprises, preserves, and multiplies.