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International Cooperation

International partnership in agricultural

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International partnership develops warning system for wheat blast risk

Bangladesh and Brazil are the first countries to count on platform to help farmers

ICLF systems reduce soil, water and nutrient loss

The results were obtained when trees were still small, a year after the seedlings were set.

Project develops new products with white coconut pulp

Researchers have created sweets and beverages with the fruit's solid albumen, which is often discarded

Essential oil from spiked pepper has the potential to treat fish diseases

Product obtained over 76% effectiveness in the control of pirarucu parasites.

Internet of Things monitors productivity and animal welfare in ICLF systems

Embrapa-Huawei-CPQD partnership uses Artificial Intelligence and multiple sensors in the field

Technique will help produce waxy starch cassava on a large scale

Substance increases shelf life of frozen foods and is valuable for the food industry

Study reveals Indigenous Land's potential to generate carbon credits

Reduced deforestation in the Poyanawa territory in Acre paves the way for avoided emissions

Natural bioinsecticide obtained by liquid fermentation controls corn leafhoppers

Cells produced by fungi are generated in cheap process that can pave the way for a new bioinput.

Brazil, Australia and South Africa unify genomic data on bovine tick resistance

Information can achieve unprecedented precision for selecting parasite-resistant beef cattle

With lower acidity, new palm oil adds value to Bahian cuisine

Developed by a partnership between Ceplac and Embrapa, the product has a milder flavor and nutraceutical properties

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We report the discovery that the earwig predator Doru luteipes (Scudder, 1876) (Dermaptera: Forficulidae) feed on Puccinia polysora Underw uredospore,...

Buriti (Mauritia flexuosa L.f), a palm tree native to South America and widely distributed in Brazil, displays significant ecological, economic and bi...

Seasonal variations and production factors can influence the quality of grapes. Considering the Sub-middle region of the São Francisco Valley, Brazil,...

Desempenho em viveiro de porta-enxertos potencialmente promissores para a citricultura do sul do Brasil. A diversificação do uso de variedades porta-e...

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