Labex South Korea was founded in 2009, in celebration of the 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

With its headquarters in Suwon, 40 Km south of the capital Seoul, the laboratory is part of a program of cooperation with the Rural Development Administration (RDA) of South Korea. The focus of the research of mutual interest is in the areas of animal and vegetable breeding, plant genetic resources, protected production, biotechnology and genomics to animal production.

Founded in 1950, RDA is the South Korean government organization responsible for agricultural research in the country. Its scientists have contributed to their recently  achieved self-sufficiency in the production of rice and other foods.

Following the same model, the RDA Virtual Laboratory Abroad (RaVL) was installed at Embrapa's headquarters in Brasília.

Lines of research


  • Animal breeding
  • Plant breeding (KOPIA)
  • Plant genetic resources
  • Protected crop production
  • Biotechnology and genomics for animal production


  • Mushroom production system
  • Agroenergy
  • Animal nutrition