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Este trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar, em termos gerais, a AbAC e o método intitulado Diagnóstico Comportamental de Atividade Produtiva (DCAP), d...

Os Sistemas de Produção Tradicionais e Agroecológicos de Erva-mate refletem o conhecimento ecológico tradicional acumulado por várias gerações de prod...

Os eventos online sobre araucária e erva-mate, realizados pela Embrapa Florestas e parceiros, tiveram foco em sistemas de produção e foram compostos p...

Nesta edição do Anuário Leite Embrapa 2021, o leitor pode conferir os efeitos da pandemia sobre o cenário de produção e consumo de leite e derivados,...

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Downloadable collections

Plantar Collection

Pocket-sized, illustrated and written in plain, didactic language, the titles of the Plantar [Sowing] Collection focus on the basic aspects of the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, medicinal, and oilseed plants, among others.

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Family Agroindustry

Collection with manuals about the industrial processing of raw materials such as milk, fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes. These are business opportunities for the smallholder or rural entrepreneur.

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ABC of Family Farming

The publications show how to optimize agricultural activities. Animal husbandry, sowing techniques, pest and disease control practices, alternative fertilization, and manufacture of fruit preserves are some of the subjects addressed.

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500 questions 500 answers

The publications in this collection were elaborated based on questions made by farmers, associations, cooperatives, etc. and answered by Embrapa. You can download the titles in their digital version or buy their printed issues.

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Embrapa Publication Series

Technical Circular

It introduces a set of technical recommendations related with breeding and cultivation systems. The information is based on experimental results and, in some cases, complemented by experiences validated by farmers.

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Technical Communication

Publications that aim at disseminating the correct use of the technologies developed by Embrapa and to guide the specific target audience on the application of technical recommendations of a practical nature that can be immediately applied.

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Documents Series

Publications that bring discussions/information on research and development studies. They address study findings related to management and planning in R&D, TT and organizational management.

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Bulletin of Research and Development

A series that reports scientific research results, like a new a method or a new technology (new cultivar, management technique, machinery, etc.) or a result from research in the socioeconomic field.

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