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FAO representative in Brazil cites Embrapa Territorial Management's study

Biological resource center is inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro

Embrapa develops protocol to extract DNA from archaeological peanut samples

Mexican research group resorts to Embrapa to measure greenhouse gases in the fields

Tropical pasture management draws Colombians' attention to São Carlos

Indians visit Embrapa Dairy Cattle

Team analyzes antibacterial compounds in sea bacteria

Canadian delegation visits Embrapa Instrumentation to learn about tropical agriculture technologies

Indian researchers visit Embrapa and have IVP training

Special glasses identify greening symptoms in citrus leaves

French Guiana mission learns about sustainable agricultural systems for the Amazon

Embrapa strengthens relations with Bolivian institutions

Liana cutting in Brazil nut trees can increase production in up to 30%

Book shows results of Brazil-Slovenia cooperation in the biological control of stinkbugs

Brazilian and German researchers approve project for MAP region

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Research develops organic fertilizer from plant biomass

Animals raised freely in the Pampas supply healthier meat

Researchers simulate human digestion to detect nutrients and contaminants in fish

Cattle in integrated system with forests seek less water

Brazilian melon has half the carbon footprint of those produced abroad