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Study finds that 30% of world soils are degraded

Scientists will study pollinators' relationship with soybean crops

Biochar is studied in Ethiopia

Embrapa, Qualcomm and ISES announce partnership to develop drone technologies

New version of the software ARAquá available in English

Researchers participate in international publication on tropical fruit trees

Agricultural monitoring system is expanded to South America

Study published by Nature assesses relationship between glyphosate metabolite and worm communities in the soil

World Cotton Research Conference gathers top experts in Goiânia

Embrapa participates in bean genome sequencing

Embrapa will invest R$ 33 million in actions in the Amazon

Embrapa launches Platform to monitor GHG emission reduction

International symposion on water starts on Tuesday in São Carlos, SP

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Researcher identifies over 400 substances secreted by pirarucu heads

Megaproject with 20 institutions will map Brazilian soils

Scientists extract nanometric fiber from cellulose for new materials

Cattle breeding allows for production of less allergenic milk

Scientists use NASA technique to detect mercury in leachate