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New Brazil-Armenia partnership for agricultural research exchange and trade

Brazil and India sign agricultural research agreements

Biofortification workshops strengthen work in Latin America and the Caribbean

Researchers assess bee mortality in Brazil

Embrapa and Indian company sign R$ 100 mi agreement for legume research in Brazil

Trilateral cooperation supports sesame oil processing in Honduras

Embrapa stopped over 70 agricultural pest species from entering Brazil

Brazilian researcher participates in IPCC meeting

Embrapa and Bayer study will map mechanism of soybean disease resistance to fungicides

Agroecol submission deadline extended

Well-managed dairy farms' greenhouse gas sequestration exceeds their emissions

Trilateral partnership contributes to increased rice productivity in Suriname

Embrapa launches trilingual book on tropical fruit

Brazil trains African countries on no-till cotton farming

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Brazilian melon has half the carbon footprint of those produced abroad

Tropical ecosystems host more than three quarters of the planet's plant and animal species

Agroideal system helps the assessment of socio-environmental risks

Carbon-focused Amazon conservation may fail to protect biodiversity

Genetic research develops atoxic castor oil plant that can feed animals