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Agroideal system helps the assessment of socio-environmental risks

Partnership with Ethiopian institute is discussed at Embrapa Soils

Carbon-focused Amazon conservation may fail to protect biodiversity

Genetic research develops atoxic castor oil plant that can feed animals

Researchers author paper about sorghum cultivation in South America

Hybrid grape tomato a record-breaker in lycopene content

Scientists will train robots to automatically identify plants

Biomass-fueled stove improves the life of African communities

Researchers discuss implementation of pilot project for precision irrigation

Embrapa and research institutions in China negociate resuming Labex in Asia

Brazil starts the biggest research project ever elaborated to develop aquaculture

World forum to discuss sustainable use of phosphorus in Brasília

Plant nanocellulose is used to treat burns

Sustainability in food production in Brazil is presented at the University of Padua, in Italy

Embrapa supports EU-Brazil discussion about fair trade

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Research develops organic fertilizer from plant biomass

Animals raised freely in the Pampas supply healthier meat

Researchers simulate human digestion to detect nutrients and contaminants in fish

Cattle in integrated system with forests seek less water

Brazilian melon has half the carbon footprint of those produced abroad