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Embrapa studies are presented to new agricultural attachés

Embrapa Vegetables studies partnership with institution responsible for sequencing lettuce genome

Sorghum can contribute to glycemic control

Brazil to invest in new biofuels to honor Paris Agreement

Research identifies natural extracts against nematodes

Embrapa's wheat breeding draws the attention of farmers in Paraguay

Uganda's agricultural research corporation seeks partnership with Embrapa

Machine makes fresh bean processing five times faster

Procisur builds joint strategic intelligence system for the Southern Cone

Embrapa Soils participates in FAO meetings in Rome

Embrapa participates in discussion on Biodiversity for the Future in German research institute

Brazil-Europe consortium funds IoT research for smart irrigation

PAB journal creates section on Digital Agriculture

Meeting to assess impacts in Colombia's rural establishments

Advances mark project to assess pepper cultivars in Africa

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Scientists use NASA technique to detect mercury in leachate

Wasted melon is alternative to apples in beverage industry

New microorganism produces enzyme of industrial interest with more sustainability

Research identifies fish species used as live bait in Pantanal

Brazilian research develops chickpeas aimed at Asian market