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Agreement made at COP 23 will allow advances in discussions on agriculture

Cattle breeding allows for production of less allergenic milk

Embrapa officially friend of SDG 12.3

Brazil and Uruguay vets participate in pioneering course on IFIOT

Brazil and China to strengthen cooperation in bamboo research

Scientists use NASA technique to detect mercury in leachate

Wasted melon is alternative to apples in beverage industry

Embrapa takes research knowledge to Bolivia

FAO systematizes Brazilian experience in organic colored cotton production

Partnership between Embrapa and New Zealand government strengthens family farming in Maranhão

New microorganism produces enzyme of industrial interest with more sustainability

Diversity of domestic breeds strengthens Brazil-US cooperation

Embrapa's research in partnership with USA, UK and South Africa receives international award

Technical cooperation project contributes to food and nutritional security in Mozambique

Research identifies fish species used as live bait in Pantanal

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Tamarind juice shows effect against triglycerides

Another sorghum mosaic virus is identified in Brazil

Combination of microorganisms can increase bean productivity in up to 11%

Brazil develops first genomic assessment system for dairy cattle

Technology uses laser and artificial intelligence for large scale clean soil analysis