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International cooperation facilitates course on carbon sequestration

Research studies soil respiration in Amazon ecosystems

Colombians introduced to impact assessment

Book highlights P-fertilizer efficiency

Soybean moratorium's impact in reducing deforestation is higher than estimated

Scientists use bacteria to help plants resist droughts

Brazil develops country's first GM long staple cotton

IPCC gathers specialists to refine methodology for the elaboration of National Greenhouse Gas Inventories

FAO representative in Brazil cites Embrapa Territorial Management's study

Biological resource center is inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro

Embrapa develops protocol to extract DNA from archaeological peanut samples

Mexican research group resorts to Embrapa to measure greenhouse gases in the fields

Tropical pasture management draws Colombians' attention to São Carlos

Indians visit Embrapa Dairy Cattle

Team analyzes antibacterial compounds in sea bacteria

Embrapa News Agency

Researcher identifies over 400 substances secreted by pirarucu heads

Megaproject with 20 institutions will map Brazilian soils

Scientists extract nanometric fiber from cellulose for new materials

Cattle breeding allows for production of less allergenic milk

Scientists use NASA technique to detect mercury in leachate