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Research identifies fish species used as live bait in Pantanal

Brazil and Portugal seek indicators for Amazon and Cerrado biomes

Benin entrepreneurs seek knowledge of agroindustry

Brazilian research develops chickpeas aimed at Asian market

Research develops ryegrass that produces 5% more and 20 days earlier

International fund to support Embrapa's projects

Embrapa studies are presented to new agricultural attachés

Embrapa Vegetables studies partnership with institution responsible for sequencing lettuce genome

Sorghum can contribute to glycemic control

Brazil to invest in new biofuels to honor Paris Agreement

Research identifies natural extracts against nematodes

Embrapa's wheat breeding draws the attention of farmers in Paraguay

Uganda's agricultural research corporation seeks partnership with Embrapa

Machine makes fresh bean processing five times faster

Procisur builds joint strategic intelligence system for the Southern Cone

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Genetic research develops atoxic castor oil plant that can feed animals

Hybrid grape tomato a record-breaker in lycopene content

Scientists will train robots to automatically identify plants

Biomass-fueled stove improves the life of African communities

Brazil starts the biggest research project ever elaborated to develop aquaculture