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Paraguay receives Brazilian cotton varieties

Brazil and Argentina strengthen cooperation in agriculture

Brazilian aquaculture grows 123% in ten years

Embrapa supports installation of inoculant production lab in Africa

Brazil is capable of producing beyond the domestic demand for wheat

Partnership seeks more resistant wheat

Brazil is the first country to develop embryo production technique that does not use labs

More comfortable confinement sparks the interest of dairy farmers

World Bank wants to know more about Embrapa's research to reduce GHGs

Partners formalize technical cooperation for life cycle assessment studies

Brazil and Mali share experiences on peanut farming

Research shows advances in sustainable Brazilian agriculture

UN praises platform coordinated by Embrapa as world example of cooperation

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Wasted melon is alternative to apples in beverage industry

New microorganism produces enzyme of industrial interest with more sustainability

Research identifies fish species used as live bait in Pantanal

Brazilian research develops chickpeas aimed at Asian market

Research develops ryegrass that produces 5% more and 20 days earlier