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Embrapa collaborates to improve Bolivian fisheries and aquaculture

Clay pots are low cost irrigation alternative in Brazil and in Africa

New plant species only found in Pantanal is discovered

Minister of Agriculture launches book about bees at Brazilian embassy in Germany

Food production project will reach five countries in Africa

Experts believe Brazilian milk market will recover this year

Projects involving peppers and bell peppers are implemented in African countries

Partnerships strengthen potato breeding program

Brazil to start lima bean breeding program in 2017

Embrapa discloses results from meeting on global costs of swine production

Intelligent fertilizer creates savings and minimizes environmental impact

American delegation related to the ethanol chain visits Embrapa

Embrapa's partnership with Ecoinvent to generate over 100 agricultural inventories

Paraguay receives Brazilian cotton varieties

Brazil and Argentina strengthen cooperation in agriculture

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Combination of microorganisms can increase bean productivity in up to 11%

Brazil develops first genomic assessment system for dairy cattle

Technology uses laser and artificial intelligence for large scale clean soil analysis

Scientists use oil palm waste to cultivate edible mushrooms

Research develops solvent that facilitates reuse of plant waste