Embrapa's Ombudsmans's Office is a Central Unit, which answers to Embrapa's Administrative Council (Consad) and is administratively linked to Embrapa's presidency, with due respect to its functional independence to perform respective attributions. It is responsible for improving the corporation's relations with internal and external audiences at different administrative levels and, for that purpose, it receives claims, complaints, suggestions, compliments, and requests of access to information (referring to the Law of Access to Information) .

If you are looking for technical-scientific information about Embrapa's 
technological solutions (e.g. products, processes and services), please access the CAS - Citizen Attention Service.


If you wish to file a claim, complaint, suggestion, compliment, or request, access the e-OUV system.


If you wish to file a request for access to information,  access the e-SIC system.