The role of Embrapa's Ombudsman is to defend the corporation's internal and potential client's rights and interests as he receives, assesses, and redirects their claims, complaints, suggestions, opinions, questions, and compliments, and also to improve the relationship between the corporation and its clients and users in the light of continuously optimized management processes.

Embrapa's current Ombudsman, Zenilton de Jesus Gayoso Miranda, has a degree in Visual Arts from Universidade de Brasília (1999), a master's degree in Information Sciences from Universidade de Brasília (2001), and a specialist's degree on Organizational and Competitive Intelligence from Universidade de Brasília (2006). In the environmental area, he has a specialist's degree in Sustainable Development and Environmental Law from Universidade de Brasília's Centre for Sustainable Development, CDS/UnB (2007). Nowadays he works at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) as an analyst with the role of Ombudsman. He has experience in the area of Information Sciences, especially on the following topics: Institutional Development, Information and Knowledge Management, Management by Business Processes, Process Improvement, Project Management and Organizational Memory.