Action and Campaigns

    With attentions turned to urgent issues in society and especially those that relate to the rural world, Embrapa promotes a range of actions and campaigns to inform the public and promote technologies and sustainable practices for the agricultural sector. Check some of them below.


  • Embrapa's 50th anniversary

    Check featured activities and event schedule for our 50th anniversary.

  • Bird flu

    Bird flu is considered a high-risk disease for poultry, which entails sanitary barriers for the trade of poultry products in the domestic and foreign markets, with enormous economic losses. Check the most updated information that our researchers organized. 
  • Embrapa FertBrasil Caravan

    Embrapa's FertBrasil Caravan is setting out to visit the country's main agricultural regions, and showcase technologies and knowledge to increase efficiency in the use of fertilizers, with a focus on sustainable soil management and improved productivity.
  • Covid-19

    Information produced by Embrapa to fight the coronavirus pandemic in rural areas.

  • Embrapa and SDGs

    Check Embrapa's activities that relate to each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Corn Leafhopper Control

    Check information on how to control leafhoppers, which are the main vectors of mollicutes, bacteria that cause corn stunting.
  • Meat Quality

    From the farm to the table, there is Science supporting the production, transformation and distribution of Brazilian meat. Check Embrapa's activities in meat quality, health, traceability, safety, and animal welfare.
  • Science to Transform Life

    Check agricultural research innovations that have contributed to transforming the fields, the markets and consumers' tables.
  • Forest Code

    Reclamation strategies, previous experiences, suggested native plant species, technological solutions, and agricultural best practices.
  • Fighting Aedes aegypti

    Check measures to fight Aedes aegypti in rural zones.

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