In 2013, Embrapa published 2,914 articles in conference proceedings, 26 technical notes and 2,340 scientific papers in indexed journals - it is said that 1,806 of these papers were published by indexes of greater impact on the world scientific community journals. There were also 534 items of media coverage and 462 chapters published in technical-scientific books.

Embrapa's production also originated 76 technical circulars, 169 releases and/or technical recommendations, 175 brochures, pamphlets and/or folders, 137 R&D bulletinsand 190 documents.  The Corporation also offered 23,747 courses and 3,115 lectures; conducted 987 field days and installed 2,917 Observation Units.

The knowledge generated by Embrapa in 2013 was also taken to universities, where researchers from the Corporation advised 299 postgraduate theses/dissertations.

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