Our research programming has converged to the implementation of management models with a focus on effective results that turns into real improvements and changes in the reality of the beneficiaries of our products and services.

The Embrapa Management System (SEG) promotes a systemic, integrated and transparent view of the Enterprise shares and supports the full cycle of the management of research projects, which make up the program of Embrapa, namely: planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, feedback and release timing of funds. This information can be accessed by all our employees and by external users participant of our research projects.

SEG is organized in 6 Macroprograms encompassing the major areas where the Enterprise operates. Recently, Embrapa included new tools for managing its portfolio of projects, organizing it in strategic sections, focused by two tools for management support topics: portfolios and arrays. Such tools are intended to ensure continuous improvement of their programs, reduce duplication, maximize the use of public resources and enable greater coordination of efforts and skills.