Research topics

  • Use and validation of bioactive metabolites in the management of pests and natural enemies
  • Evaluation of the characteristics of biological structures, including agricultural and forestry by-products, on a molecular scale and nanoscale aiming the development of micro- and nanosystems
  • Bioprospection of aromatic and medicinal plants from Cerrado biome
  • Chemical characterization to add value to genetic resources of plants, animals and microrganisms
  • Development of electrochemicals with nanostructured materials for detection and quantification of phenolic compounds (flavonoids, anthocyanins; tannins) of plants
  • Development of liposomal, lipid, metal and polymer micro- and nanosystems obtained by green synthesis routes aiming delivery and sustained release of bioactives and immobilization of molecules
  • Development of functional surfaces applicable to active food packaging, edible films, bioremediation systems, nanobiosensors, nanocatalysts, biomimetic and nanoforensis
  • Development and validation of analytical methods
  • Chemical ecology applied to agricultural pest management
  • 2D and 3D tests for evaluating the nanotoxicity and nanoecotoxicity in vitro and in vivo in bacteria, yeast, algae, mammalian cells, plants, microcrustaceans, nematodes and fish
  • Molecular studies on the physiological processes of pests and biological control agents
  • Study of electrochemical and optical biosensors to use in agriculture and food sciences
  • Digital manufacturing by additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, reverse engineering and 3D bioprinting of biological scaffolds, reactionware and labware
  • Implementation of systems for industrial scaling-up, waste management, impact assessment, mathematical modeling and sustainability of nanobiotechnology processes
  • Investigation of nanostructured materials for release of semiochemicals
  • Metabolite prospection for pest control
  • Molecules prospection to apply in the production of functional foods