Global wine production is characterized by the history of traditional European wine industry in countries known as "Old World". Recently, the countries of the "New World" expanded the geography of vitiviniculture in the production of quality wines, as is the case of the United States, Chile, Argentina, South Africa , Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil .The common characteristic between viticulture in the Old and New World is the single growth cycle of grapevines and the single grape harvest per year.
The International Symposium on Tropical Wines focuses on wines that are obtained from grapes grown in vineyards located in regions where temperatures during the year allow for more than one vegetative cycle and one or more harvests per year, as per the OIV's definition. This viticulture is being developed in non-traditional regions, located in new latitudes of the world, and is singular and unique in comparison with traditional "Old" and "New World" regions.
This new geography in the world wine production is established in many countries: in South America – Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela; in Asia – Thailand, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bali, and Vietnam; in Africa – Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Namibia, and Tanzania; and in Oceania – French Polinesia.
Tropical viticulture is very particular and diverse in relation to viticulture practiced in temperate regions. Several features of this new viticulture are current challenges compared to traditional viticulture. In light of this scenario, the main objectives of the Symposium are to:
a) Promote RD&I for tropical wine production at international level;
b) Integrate private and public institutions to develop tropical wine production and market in the world;
c) Foster interaction between tropical wine producers in different countries and international cooperation for the development of tropical wine production.
The 5th International Symposium on Tropical Wines – ISTW 2016 will be held in Petrolina, the main tropical wine producing region in Brazil located in the São Francisco Valley. In this region, the tropical semi-arid climate allows farmers to produce grapes and wines all over the year.
The Symposium takes place from October 19th to 21st , 2016, just before the 39th OIV Congress in Brazil.




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