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The National Agricultural Research System (Sistema Nacional de Pesquisa Agropecuária - SNPA) comprises Embrapa, State Agricultural Research Organizations (Organizações Estaduais de Pesquisa Agropecuária - Oepas), universities, and national or state research institutes, in addition to other public and private organizations directly or indirectly linked to agricultural research activities.

The current form of the system was instituted in 1992 by Ordinance no. 193 (August 7, 1992) of the Ministry of Agriculture and authorized by the Agricultural Law (Law no. 8,171, January 17, 1991).

SNPA goals

  • Compatibility of agricultural research guidelines and strategies with development policies defined for the country as a whole and for each region in particular.
  • Constant organization and coordination of the network of institutions that work in the sector around a systematized agenda, with the aim of eliminating wasted efforts, overlaps, and undesirable gaps.
  • Development of a national planning system for research, monitoring, and assessment.
  • Establishment of a Brazilian agricultural information system, with a database for agricultural research and development, facilitating access for agricultural research users and clients.
  • Support to the organization and rationalization of means, methods, and systems by fostering informatization in institutions.
  • Joint research projects of common interest, fostering partnerships between institutions and the development of science and technologies for agriculture and livestock.
  • Coordination of research efforts to meet demands from regions, states, and cities, with the purpose of providing better support to the development of agriculture.
  • Exchange of information and technical-scientific documentation in areas of common interest.
  • Exchange of personnel for capacity-building and interinstitutional consulting.
  • Technical, administrative, material and financial support among member institutions according to programatic needs and interests and to the missions to be attained.

(Ministry of Agriculture - Ordinance No. 193, August 07, 1992)