Embrapa Soybean

Embrapa Soybean is one of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa's 47 research units.
Its historical contributions to agribusiness in Brazil places the Unit at the forefront of the development of technologies for the crop in tropical regions. Such contributions include the development of cultivars that are adapted to low latitudes, biological pest control, management techniques, and soil conservation, among others.
The Unit is also responsible for sunflower research for the Brazilian territory, and for wheat research, in partnership with Embrapa Wheat (Passo Fundo, RS) and the Paraná Agronomic Institute – IAPAR (Londrina, PR) for the Brazilian state of Paraná.
In addition, Embrapa Soybeans participates in research activities organized by other Units, such as Embrapa Maize and Sorghum (Sete Lagoas, MG) and Embrapa Rice and Beans (Santo Antônio de Goiás, GO), where research on maize and beans for Paraná state is conducted.
Embrapa Soybean's Institutional video