Leader in soybean research for tropical regions Founded on April 16, 1975 with the objective of developing soybean cropping in Brazil, it has become a world reference for the development of technologies for soybean production in tropical regions.
Starting in the 1980's, Embrapa Soybean has also developed technologies for the sunflower crop in Brazil and, since 1993, in collaboration with Embrapa Wheat, has incorporated research projects for development of wheat cultivars adapted to Paraná state, which is today the leading wheat producing state in Brazil.
Embrapa Soybean has developed partnerships with universities, state research institutes, research funding agencies, private companies and seed producing foundations that participate by supporting the final phase of developing and marketing of Embrapa cultivars. In exchange, the seed producers have exclusive rights to the seed commercialization on the domestic market.
Embrapa Soybean aligns its research program with the Embrapa Strategic Plan and the Center Strategic Plan. Embrapa Soybean aims to consolidate itself as an international reference center for the generation of knowledge, technologies and innovation for soybean in tropical regions.

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